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Trained Customer Service For You

Kampung Marketer provides trained customer service human resources with a high conversion rate that is ready to help maximize your sales conversions. With the assistance of a competent leader, ensuring Customer Service has maximum performance.

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Do You Need A Team
To Optimize your Business on The Internet?

We educate and train rural youth with the latest e-commerce curriculum, so as to produce
skilled human resources in the field of e-commerce. Furthermore, the HR is empowered by hundreds of online businesses
in Indonesia to help optimize their business on the internet

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Let's Collaborate

Many online businesses want to scale-up a business and maximize sales.
But constrained by lack of skills in the field of e-commerce.
On the other hand, not a few villagers who need income but do not want to migrate to the city.
Kampung Marketer exists as a solution to connect you as a businessman with villagers
whom we have trained in pregnancy in the field of e-commerce, so that it becomes a skilled and trained human resources.

This is You

  • Want to scale-up business, Want to maximize online sales.
  • Lacking skills in e-commerce, hassle of managing teams, office rent and high minimum wage in the big city.

Kampung Marketer

The solution for you who need trained human resources to handle your online business.

This is a villager

  • Have skills in e-commerce, Managing and Evaluating by KM.
  • Need income, Does not want to wander to the city.

Education Flow Human Resources in Kampung Marketer

Kampung Marketer is changing villagers from grade C to grade A who are skilled in e-commerce and are ready to collaborate with online businesses throughout Indonesia.


Village yout come and register to Kampung Marketer to join on Education and Training in e-commerce.

Learning Process

Education and Training village youth with completed Curriculum, Module and experted training staff.


After completion of training, villagers have become skilled human resources in the field of e-commerce and ready to be empowered.


Skilled human resources began to enter the empowerment program by collaborating with business people who empowered them.

Assistance & Reporting

Assistance and reporting of HR performance to partners so that progress can be monitored.

Human Resources Skills
Who Have Been Educated

Customer Service

Handling incoming contacts from prospective buyers at an online shop.


Conceptualizing online marketing strategy and advertising a product / service for a brand.

Social Media Admin

Managing audience interaction and producing social media content for a brand.

Content Writer

Producing an article content / product offering on a blog or sales page.

Input Data

Recording, managing and input data order for every transaction or others data.

Based On Demand

Provide competent human resources in accordance with the skills / job description that you (business people) need.

Why You Have to Collaborate with Us?

Human Resources with high qualification and motivation

Education program with curriculum, module and competent instructure to create qualified human resource, and the essential of village youth who are motivated by high motivation to learn to pursue sales incentives, not distracted by the hustle and bustle in the city.

Low Basic Salary

Employee salaries are a heavy burden for business people, especially for those who live in big cities. Minimum wage in big cities is much higher than in our district. You can save more by empowering our human resources because the basic salary is lower than in big cities.

Competent and Fast Response Leaders

The human resource that you empower will be accompanied by a Leader who always guides and monitors human resource’s performance. The leader will also interact in a fast response with you to discuss in order to achieve the intended goal.

Product Privacy & Reducing Fixed Cost

You do not need to worry if you are still selling dropship products or still as a reseller, we understand that the products you have researched are very privacy and want to be kept confidential from publik. You also do not have to bother to pay fixed costs such as office rent, internet fees, electricity, etc.

Human Resource Training & Evaluating Performance

We will continue to evaluate the performance of the HR you are empowering and we will retrain the human resource that has decreased performance.

Unrestricted by Contract

You can stop the collaboration at any time, meaning that you do not have to feel sorry to fire off the human resource.

Impacted Collaboration


Empowered Villagers


Collaborating Businessman


Billion Rupiahs Distribute per Month


Villagers Houses Used

Still Can
Grow Up The Business

Innovative Solution to Connect Competent Human Resources in IT Field with Businessmen

Solutive program for businessmen who want to further grow up their brand in the online world. With a variety of structured education concepts that we put together such as curriculum, modules, and teaching staff as well as a comprehensive human resource evaluation system, making the human resource output from Kampung Marketer very beneficial for businessmen throughout Indonesia.

How to Empowering Human Resource

It's time to maximize your business by empowering our skilled human resources!
Here is the flow to recruit our human resources.


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What do you need?

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We will tell you clearly about the administration, working method, etc.

Village Youths Waiting for You

We believe that all village youth have the right to get better welfare and prosperity. Everything can start from you.

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